Stay information

General Business Terms (hereinafter GBTC)

1. Introductory provision

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to bookings of accommodation services provided by the cottage operator, payment and cancellation conditions of reservations made by clients / clients via the website: , , : 0918335925 or by e-mail to , , as well as all other rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship created when booking accommodation in the Eelegance Lodge (hereinafter referred to as "cottage").

1.2 The client is entitled to use accommodation reservations only if he / she agrees with the GTC. It is recommended to the client, in his / her own interest, to familiarize yourself with these GTC before booking. In case of repeated use of the reservation, the client is obliged to always get acquainted with the current version of the GTC. The hut operator reserves the right to modify these GTCs unilaterally and the GTC change is effective from the date of their publication on the website of the hut operator. Confirming the reservation, the client expresses unconditional consent to these GBCs.

1.3 Every client understands that all prices and conditions of reservation and provision of services apply exclusively to accommodation reservations made via the website, telephone number and e-mail address mentioned in point 1.1.

1.4 By booking the accommodation, the client confirms that he / she has reached the age of 18 and is entitled to acquire the rights in his / her own name and to take over the duties.

2. Reservation

2.1 When booking, the client has the possibility to check the current free accommodation capacity in the cottage according to the requirements stated in the booking form (arrival date, departure date, number of persons, etc.).

2.2 When booking accommodation after selecting all dates for the beginning and the end of the stay, the number of persons and the client will fill in all the required data.

2.3 After completing all the required data, after making the payment in accordance with these GTC and after verifying the data, the client will immediately send the confirmation of the reservation to the client. 

3. Payment Terms

3.1 The client is obliged to make the full payment for the stay booked by the client in full amount when booking by transferring to the account listed on the website or through the payment gateway. 
3.2 The procedure and operation of the cottage operator is based on ethical principles and respects the privacy of the client. 
3.3  The Client authorizes the hut operator to verify the credit / debit card information provided at the appropriate call center of the bank or the company that issued the credit / debit card. 

4. Cancellation conditions

4.1 Any changes made to the reservation made by the client can be made electronically after entering the email address of the client entered upon booking in writing, by telephone or e-mail via the reservation department of the cottage operator at the telephone number: 0918335925, e-mail address: info @ dotatier. com, postal address: Universal Consulting sro, Štúrovo námestie 18, 911 01 Trenčín. When requesting a change of reservation, the client is obliged to always indicate his full name and date of stay. If the client requests a change of reservation made which can not be accommodated for capacity or other operational reasons, the operator of the cottage shall take all steps to meet the client's requirements, but the operator of the cottage is not obliged to comply with the client's request to change the booked reservation,

4.2 In the event of a client's withdrawal from the contract and cancellation of the reservation, the hut operator shall be entitled to a cancellation fee as follows:

The cancellation fee is fixed and valid for all stays as follows (except for the New Year's term):

on cancellation 14 days before check-in 0% of the price of the stay 
upon cancellation from 14 - 0 days prior to arrival 100% of the stay

Cancellations for Silvester (27.12-06.01) 
cancellations above 30 days prior to check-in 0% from the price of the stay 
upon cancellation from 30 - 0 days prior to arrival 100% of the stay

4.3 In the event of a client not entering the booked stay, the hotel operator is entitled to a cancellation fee of 100% of the price of the ordered and confirmed services.

4.4 In the case of a client's withdrawal from the contract and the cancellation of the reservation or in case of partial withdrawal of the client from the contract and partial cancellation of the reservation or non-appointment of the client for a reserved stay at share stays (Article 6 of the GTC), the hut operator is entitled to a cancellation fee of 100% ordered and confirmed services.

4.5 In the case of a client's withdrawal from the contract and cancellation of the reservation or in case of partial withdrawal of the client from the contract and partial cancellation of the reservation or non-appointment of the client for the reserved stay in exceptional cases (sickness, death, disaster, etc.), the hut operator is entitled to renounce payment of a cancellation fee upon submission of credible proof of the serious cause of the client's withdrawal from the contract and cancellation of the reservation or partial withdrawal of the client from the contract and partial cancellation of the client's reservation or non-appointment of the client.

4.6If the client withdraws from the contract and canceling the reservation or partial withdrawal of the client from the contract and partial cancellation of reservation or non-stay, the operator will send the client a written notice or an e-mail about the application of the operator's claim for cancellation fee and the amount thereof within 14 days from the date of cancellation of the client and the cancellation of the reservation or from the date of partial withdrawal of the client from the contract and the partial cancellation of the reservation or from the day of commencement of the stay in the case of non-appointment of the client to stay. By confirming the order and agreeing to such GTC, the Client agrees and takes note, within 30 business days from the day following the date of the client's withdrawal from the contract and cancellation of the reservation or partial withdrawal of the client from the contract and partial cancellation of the reservation or non-stay. Bank charges associated with the return of client's cost are borne by the client.

5. Specific provisions

5.1 In the event of confusion or questions arising from online reservations, the client is entitled to contact the cottage operator by phone at 0918335925: or by email: 
5.2  Check-in is possible on the day of commencement of the stay as booked from 16.00. Check-out is on the last day of the stay in the sense of reservation until 10.00. 
5.3 In the case of special requirements (baby cot, late check-in or late check-out) or interest in booking additional services, the client is entitled to contact the specified telephone number or email.

6. Action stays

6.1 The hut operator is entitled to offer stays (last minute, first minute, etc.). 
For booking and holding stays, special business conditions apply only to stays that take precedence over these GBCs. These GTCs shall be used for share stays only in those parts which are not dealt with separately or separately under special business conditions.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1 Owner of the hut: Universal Consulting sro, Registered office: Ružová dolina 6, 821 08 Bratislava, IČO: 36340219, registered in OS Bratislava I, Section Sro, insert number: 47503 / B (Universal Consulting sro) in accordance with the generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, in particular in accordance with Act no. Act No. 122/2013 Coll. On the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended by Act No. 84/2014 Coll. In its current and current version (hereinafter referred to as the "Act").

7.2 Prevádzkovateľ spoločnosť Universal Consulting s.r.o., spracúva osobné údaje klientov za účelom rezervácie, predaja využívania služieb klientmi v chate prevádzkovateľa a kontroly ich využívania. Osobné údaje sú spracúvané po dobu nevyhnutnú na splnenie účelu spracúvania – rezervácie, predaja využívania služieb klientmi v chate prevádzkovateľa a kontroly ich využívania, avšak maximálne po dobu dvoch rokov od zberu týchto údajov. Osobné údaje spracúvané na účel rezervácie, predaja využívania služieb klientmi v chate prevádzkovateľa a kontroly ich využívania sú prevádzkovateľom spoločnosťou Universal Consulting s.r.o.., spracúvané na základe § 10 ods. 3 písm. b) Zákona bez súhlasu dotknutých osôb.

7.3 The operator of Universal Consulting Ltd. processes the personal data of the client for the purpose of marketing, in the case of their explicit consent, which can be granted by the client by filling in the data when booking and by clicking on the consent to the processing of personal data.

7.4The scope of personal data processed for marketing purposes includes: name and surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number. Client completing the data when booking and clicking on the consent to the processing of personal data within the meaning of Section 11 1 of the Act grants the operator permission to provide processed personal data in the range of his name and surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number, and also provided his / her business partner for marketing purposes. At the same time, the client grants the operator permission to transfer personal data abroad within the European Union. The company Universal Consulting sro undertakes not to handle and handle personal data in violation of generally binding legal regulations. The consent to the processing of personal data is granted for a period of 2 years and the client may at any time withdraw his consent in writing by sending the withdrawal of consent to the address of the operator's headquarters, unless the law otherwise provides. By granting consent, the client also confirms that he has been instructed about his rights under the Act (especially § 28 of the Act) as well as Act no. 40/1964 Coll. The Civil Code as amended, in particular information on the status of the processing of personal data in the information system, the correction of incorrect or outdated processed personal data, the liquidation of personal data, the fulfillment of the purpose of processing and the liquidation of personal data, the violation of the Act, and that the personal data provided to him correspond with reality and that they are complete,

7.5 The operator of Universal Consulting sro may, while processing personal data, perform processing operations that involve the cross-border transfer of personal data provided abroad within the Member States of the European Union, respectively. access to these data from abroad through remote access due to the administration of the information system by an intermediary based in that country. During the transmission, the operator ensures maximum protection of personal data by encrypting and using software and hardware tools to secure the data transmitted.

7.6 The operator of Universal Consulting sro uses high ethical standards and respects the privacy of clients. Except for the provision of data required by law or other generally binding legislation, the operator will not disclose or disclose any personal data to third parties or other recipients without the consent of the client.

7.7 The operator of Universal Consulting sro, in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic, carries out all measures and operations for the processing of personal data in such a way that the persons concerned are duly and timely informed of their rights under the laws of the Slovak Republic, legislation and binding international treaties and conventions. In the event of receiving a legitimate request from the person concerned, the operator shall render this request within 30 days of the date of receipt of the request.

7.8 In particular, the person concerned has the right, in particular, to request information on whether the personal data are or are not processed in the information systems of the operator, on the basis of a written application addressed to the operator, the source of the personal data obtained, the extent or the list of processed personal data, or liquidation of their incomplete, incorrect or outdated personal data, the deletion of personal data whose purpose of processing has already ceased to exist or is being processed unlawfully.

7.9 The person concerned has the right to object to the processing of personal data for purposes other than those for which the personal data were lawfully rendered and against the processing of personal data which could unduly and reasonably interfere with its rights and legitimate interests, . The operator is obliged to block and dispose of such personal information as soon as circumstances allow.

7.10 In the event of a suspicion of unauthorized processing of personal data, the person concerned has the right to submit a petition to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic for the initiation of a procedure for the protection of personal data.

7.11 A person who has no legal capacity in its entirety exercises his / her rights through a legal counsel.

7.12 The rights of the affected person, who is no longer living, may be invoked by a close person in accordance with special legislation of the Slovak Republic.

8. Final provisions

8.1 These GTC and legal relationships arising thereunder are governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic.

8.2 If any provision of these GBCs has been or has become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, such invalidity, ineffectiveness or unenforceability of the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions of these GBCs shall not be affected.

8.3 The Client confirms the reservation and agrees to comply with these GBCs. The hut operator reserves the right to change these GTC. The obligation to notify in writing the changes to the GBC is fulfilled by placing the modified GTC on the website of the hut operator 

8.4 These GBCs will enter into force and become effective on 1.10.2017.

Operating Rules 

(holiday house Elegance No. 433)






Listed on:

Universal Consulting sro

Ružová dolina 6, 821 08 Bratislava


SK 2021910022

in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Bratislava I. Ltd. insert no. 47503 / B Lucia Henčelová (statutory body)

Elaborated on: 23.08.2017

Judged on:     Regional
Public Health Office
with registered office in Liptovsky Mikulas

Accommodation - operating order 

These operating rules determine the hygienic and epidemiological principles and measures to be observed when providing accommodation services to the population - accommodation. 

a) identification data of the accommodation operator Elegance chalet no. 433

business name, company name:    

operator address:  


phone contact:   


name and address of operation:

Universal Consulting sro

Ružová dolina 6, 821 08 Bratislava


+421 907722396

cottage Elegance,   Ráztocká 21, 031 05 Liptovsky Mikulas, Holiday Tatralandia Village

(b) type and method of providing accommodation services 

Description of accommodation: 

brief characteristics of accommodation:    

total accommodation capacity:  

number of rooms, personal hygiene equipment:   

Drinking water supply:

cottage Elegance in Holiday Village Tatralandia

2 rooms,   5 beds

1 room - 3 beds 
2. bedroom - 2 beds, and kitchen 
1 a device for personal care


category according to Decree of MH SR no. 277/2008 Coll., Laying down the classification markings on accommodations in their classification into categories and classes: House in the village

(c) conditions of operation, safety and health of accommodation and accommodation facilities

Hygienic and anti-epidemiological regulations and precautions are adhered to in operation. Universal Consulting sro, Managing Director: Lucia Henčelová, responsible for the prevention and transmission of communicable diseases, is responsible for their observance. 

Operation must be kept clean and orderly. Workers must pay attention to personal hygiene. Employees are equipped with personal protective equipment according to the type of activities performed, especially working clothes and work boots. The plant is equipped with sufficient cleaning and disinfecting agents as well as clean laundry.

A first aid kit, the equipment of which is continuously supplemented, shall be placed in an appropriate and accessible place in the accommodation facility.

(d) the method of storage and handling of the bed linen and the frequency of its replacement

The operator adheres to the requirements of maintaining the *** classroom standard. Towels and bed linen will be changed after every guest's change, at least once a week. Each guest has its own clean towels and bed linen. 

The cleaning and the exchange of laundry is performed externally on the basis of the Contract for provision of cleaning services by a professional cleaning company: TS Comp, sro, Vrlíkova 1183/6, 03 01 Liptovský Mikuláš on the basis of an order. 

The polished towels are separated from the clean towels. 
The responsibility of TS Comp, sro is to provide staff, cleaning agents, ensure complete cleanliness of the entrance hall, rooms, hygienic room, sanity, as well as changing linen and towels. Laundry is provided by external local laundry. 

There is plenty of clean laundry in the machine. When handling the linen, there is no interference or change of the clean linen and the linen used. Damaged and worn bed linen will be discarded. 

Clean bedding can only be transported to the device if it is packaged to prevent contamination. It is stored at TS Comp, sro

(e) the method and frequency of routine cleaning and general cleaning of the accommodation facility 

The normal cleaning of the entire holiday home is done by the guest on a daily basis. 

In the atrium is placed a broom, bumper, blade, heat and a handrail on the floor. The kitchen is fitted with a sponge for the crockery, a dishwasher and a dishwasher. 

The cleaning company will provide complete cleaning of the premises after each occupation of the guests. Complete cleaning includes ventilation, dusting, disposing of baskets, garbage transportation, entrance door cleaning, bed linen change, towels, tile cleaning, kitchen board, battery, sink, floor washing and washing, disinfection.

If necessary, but at least 2 times a year, great cleaning will be required to warm up, wash windows, mattress and carpets ... 

Painting and basic repairs to all washable surfaces are done at least once every two years. 

(f) the procedure for disinfection and its frequency in personal hygiene facilities 

Personal hygiene equipment is cleaned by the trusted external company TS Comp, sro at every guest change, but at least once a week. 

(g) the procedure for the destruction of animal pests 

In the accommodation facility, the destruction of animal pests is carried out on the basis of an alert of the presence of these pests by the guests immediately. 
Pest extermination will be carried out by an external company. 

(h) method of disposal of solid waste, the frequency of emptying of waste containers, their cleaning and disinfection

Solid municipal waste is collected in closed and washable containers and is discharged daily. Tatra Mountain Resorts, as, Demänovská Dolina 72, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, ID 31560 636 2x weekly from common waste containers on the basis of the Contract on Services related to the Use of Real Estate dated 31.5.2017. 
The containers are cleaned every time they are cleaned. 

The operating order of the accommodation is accessible in a convenient and visible place.

The order is valid from 23.08.2017 
Operator: Universal Consulting sro 
Supervisor: Lucia Henčelová

Return policy 

I. Basic provision 

The provision of services is governed by the provisions of Part VII. Civil Code no. 40/1964 Coll. as subsequently amended and supplemented, and the regulations issued for its implementation. 

II. Right to claim 

In the event that a lower quality or lesser service is provided to the guest at Chate Elegance (hereinafter referred to as "cottage") as previously agreed or as is customary, a guest is entitled to a claim.

III. Claiming a claim 

If a guest discovers the reasons and facts that may be the subject of a complaint, he or she is obliged to make a claim immediately without undue delay to the hut operator or other responsible person in the service where the service was provided. 

In order for the claim to be processed quickly, it is necessary for the guest to submit proof of service (copy of the order, statement of account, invoice, etc.) when the claim is made, provided such documents are available. If the nature of the claimed service requires, the guest must also submit a matter in which he claims the error. The hut operator or other responsible person writes a guest's complaint into the complaint log, indicating the objective circumstances of the claim. 

The operator of a cottage, or his / her authorized worker, is obliged, after careful consideration, to decide how to handle the claim within 30 days of filing and writing a claim to the guest in the complaint log. 

IV. Accommodation services 

In the sphere of accommodation services, the guest has the right to free of charge, properly and timely the deficiencies, ie the replacement or the addition of small equipment within the scope of Decree of MH SR no. 419/2001 Coll. 

In the case where it is not possible to remove technical errors in the cottage and if the cottage operator can not provide the guest with any alternative accommodation and the cottage will be leased despite the lack of the guest, the guest has the right to:  
- a reasonable price discount according to the valid price list;  
- Cancellation of the contract prior to overnight stay and refund of the payment paid by non-cash transfer. 
Reimbursement of the cash payment is excluded. 

In the event that the unilateral decision of the hut operator makes a major change in accommodation compared to the confirmed accommodation on the invoice and the guest does not agree with the substitute accommodation, he / she also has the right to cancel the contract prior to overnight stay and the refund of the paid payment for accommodation by non-cash transfer. Reimbursement of the cash payment is excluded. Upon agreement between the guest and the cottage operator, it is possible to compensate for possible deficiencies through the free provision of services. 

V. Recovery Periods 

 The guest is obliged to claim the claim immediately, without undue delay. The right to complain is terminated if it does not apply within 2 days of the day the customer has learned of the facts that could have given rise to the complaint. 

VI. Participant's participation in complaint handling  

The guest is required to personally participate in complaints handling and provide objective information about the service provided. If the nature of the matter so requires, the guest must allow the hut operator or other responsible worker access to the premises rented to him for temporary accommodation in order to be able to ascertain the merits of the claim.

VII. Final provision

This Complaint Rules will enter into force and expire on: 01. 10. 2017 .

Accommodation rules

I. Introductory provision

The holiday house Elegance  ("cottage") is owned by a legal person.

Chalet operator:





Listed on:

Universal Consulting sro

Ružová dolina 6, 821 08 Bratislava


SK 2021910022

in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Bratislava I. Ltd. insert no. 47503 / B Lucia Henčelová (statutory body)

II. Accommodation conditions

1. Boarding

Based on the booked and paid accommodation, the guest can stay on the day of arrival before 16:00 hours. The keys will be taken from the cottage at the reception of Holiday Village Tatralandia (HVT).

2. Completion of accommodation

Guests are kindly requested to check in before 10:00 hours. The room is considered to be released after the guest has removed all his belongings from the cottage, handing the key from the cottage to the HVT reception and announcing the check-out. 

3. The maximum number of guests is 5 people. 

III. reserve

The non-binding reservation will be based on the customer's e-mail, with the minimum date and number of persons to be accommodated (e-mail address for reservations: ).

The operator either confirms or fails to confirm the reservation, then sends a quotation or, if requested, will require additional information for the customer by e-mail. Upon acceptance of the offer by the customer, the operator will ask the customer to pay the 100% of the total cost of the stay. The binding reservation will take place only after payment of the entire stay. Accommodation reservation made in writing or by telephone, which has been confirmed by the operator and has not been canceled in time by the customer, is considered to be binding on both sides. 

IV. The price

Prices are quoted in a separate price list and are final. 

Price includes: rental cottage with accessories, electricity supply, hot and cold water, bed linen, towels, parking in a reserved place. 

Price does not include: insurance, transportation and meals.

Local fee: The operator is required to pay a local fee for each guest for the city of Liptovsky Mikulas. Guests are informed in advance if the fee is included in the rate. Otherwise, the operator is obliged to choose outside the pricelist for accommodation also the so- a tax for accommodation, which will be charged separately in the amount of 1, - EUR / person / night.

V. Payment Terms

Binding Reservation: It is the customer's responsibility to pay 100% of the accommodation price within three days of receipt of the confirmation (e-mail) from the operator. If this payment is not made to the bank account within five business days after the electronic confirmation, the reservation will be automatically canceled. In the event that the customer arbitrarily cancels part of his rental during the lease, he must immediately inform the operator. In this case, the customer is not entitled to financial compensation for the unused portion of the stay.

VI. Kaucia when visiting the Aquapark 

If the customer purchases Aquapass at the HTV's reception, he / she will be reimbursed for Chip Charge of EUR 100 (for the whole family, part or hut). Kaucia is reversible when leaving Aquapark. 

VII. Cancellation Policy (Reservation Cancellation)

Cancellation of direct booking without intermediary (eg discount or internet portal, travel agency, etc.) The
customer has the right to cancel the accommodation reservation at any time in a written or electronic form (e-mail). Cancellation occurs on the day of delivery to the operator's address or to the mailbox of the cottage operator.

If the customer cancels the reservation, he / she is obliged to pay the operator the cancellation fee mentioned below from the total price of the accommodation.

The cancellation fee is fixed and valid for all stays as follows (except for the New Year's term) :

  • when canceled 14 days before check-in 0% of the stay
  • upon cancellation from 14 - 0 days prior to arrival 100% of the stay

Cancellations applicable to stays in New Year's Eve (27.12-06.01):

  • upon cancellation 30 days before the stay 0% of the price of the stay
  • upon cancellation from 30 - 0 days prior to arrival 100% of the stay

Billing and refund of the amount paid less the cancellation fee will be sent by the operator within 30 days of the announcement of cancellation of the accommodation.

In the event of unforeseeable circumstances on the operator's side, the operator reserves the right to cancel the booking and immediately inform the customer thereof. The customer is entitled to a refund of the prepayment or surcharge offered by the operator.

Cancellation of a direct booking via an intermediary (eg a discount or internet portal, a travel agency, etc.)
Elegance Lodge acts in this case as a third party supplier and therefore the customer cancels the reservation primarily to his agent (third party) and the secondary operator of the cottage. 
An operator is governed by legal relationships with a given intermediary (third party)
and does not act directly with the customer as a provider (supplier). In case of cancellation of the
reservation of accommodation, the possible cancellation fee is adjusted by contractual or other relations between the customer and the intermediary (third party).

VIII. Complaints

In case of reservations to the agreed accommodation conditions, the guest is obliged to make his / her comments immediately in writing or personally to the operator. If you do not know your comments immediately, you will lose the right to later compensation.

Complaints of guests, respectively. any comments and suggestions to improve the performance of the cottage are governed by the Complaint Rules.

IX. insurance

The accommodation price does not include any insurance.

X. Guest's rights and obligations

Accommodation participants must be 18 years old on arrival. Persons under the age of 18 can only be accommodated with a legal representative or other accompanying person over 18 years of age.

The guest has the right to:

  • to complain of any nonconformities and to request their removal or addition, 
  • to require accommodation based on a confirmed offer,
  • be aware of any changes in the scope, quality, timing and price of the booked accommodation.

The guest must in particular respect these duties:

  • to pay the price for accommodation in the specified time,
  • (Passport, passport or other valid identity document in accordance with Act No. 135/82 Coll. on Reporting and Registration of Citizens' Residence as amended and in accordance with Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data in a Valid amended),
  • every guest who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic (foreigner) is obliged according to Act no. 48/2008 Coll. to fill in the residence of aliens in the valid version and to submit to the reception the official form for the report of the stay, presented upon arrival by the staff of the reception, all the required information being obligatory to state truthfully and completely.
  • comply with the accommodation conditions. 
  • to pay for the damage caused by the participants in the accommodation and the persons entrusted to them,
  • adhere to FAKE PROHIBITION . If this prohibition is breached, the customer will be charged a penalty of 50 €, which the cottage settlement will claim from the guest's deposit. 
  • do not move cabinets without the operator's consent,
  • not to make modifications or any interventions in the electricity network or other technological installation,
  • do not use any electrical appliances other than personal hygiene (shaving machine, hair dryer, massage machine, etc.)
  • not to put into the cottage sport tools and objects, in the custody of which are reserved premises at the reception,
  • before leaving the cottage to close the faucet, turn off the lights and lock the door,
  • any deficiencies that may arise, the guest is obliged to report immediately to the reception,
  • follow the instructions of the operator and these accommodation rules.

We charge € 100 for losing the key from your cottage + lining exchange . In case of damage to the facility, the guest is obligated to pay the damage on site or to remove the damage immediately. In the event that the damage is not eliminated in time to prevent another customer from remaining, he is required to pay the full cost of the next stay and the associated costs.

Parking is free and is not guarded. The operator is not responsible for theft or possible damage to motor vehicles. Guests can only park in the car park in front of the cottage. We recommend guests to make sure that the car is properly locked and secure. Do not leave loose personal things in your car.

In the event of a fire, the guest is required to follow the instructions of the responsible personnel (in accordance with the fire-evacuation plan) and upon arrival of the fire-fighting unit, instructions of the intervention commander.

The guest agrees that he / she has the right to enter the cottage for the entire duration of his / her rental, in order to carry out his / her duties, a housekeeper, a lady, a maintainer or a cabin operator.

When using the kitchen, take care of the cleanliness and order. After use, return all the dishes clean to your place.

XI. Other accommodation in a cottage settlement  

1. Only a guest who is properly logged in can accommodate a chat house. For this purpose, the guest will submit his or her Citizenship Card, Passport or other valid identity document to the hut employee immediately upon arrival. 
2. The cottage settlement and the operator provide the guests with services to the extent specified by the relevant legislation. 
3. Resident guests are obliged to deposit money, valuables and jewelery in the vault located at the reception desk, otherwise the operator for these items will only comply with the amount stipulated in § 1 of Government Regulation no. 87/1995 Coll., Which implements certain provisions of the Civil Code, as amended by Regulation No. 586/2008 Coll. And Regulation no. 281/2010 Coll., Ie up to EUR 331.94. 
4. The guest can only receive visits with the consent of the respective cabin crew member after registering in the guestbook in time from 08:00 to 22:00. 
5. In case of illness or injury to the guest, the cottage settlement will provide medical assistance or transfer to the hospital at the cost of the guest. 
6. The guest uses the accommodation unit only at a time agreed with the operator. Unless otherwise agreed, the guest will be accommodated from 16:00. until 10:00 in the evening. The guest is entitled to use rented accommodation no later than 10:00 hours of the last day of the stay. In the event that this time is not observed, the following charges will apply to the guest: freeing the cottage until 12:00. 20 € until 12:00, freeing the cottage until 14:00. 30 € until 14:00. If the guest does not do so within the specified time limit, the operator is entitled to charge him / her the next day. 
7. Guests who wish to stay before 10 am will pay the price of the accommodation for the whole previous night, unless agreed with the operator individually. If he wants to stay after 10 pm on the day of arrival, he / she will pay a fee of 20 € per cabin. Early check-in is possible only on availability and subject to agreement. 
8. In the accommodation unit or in the common areas of the cottage settlement, the guest may not, without the consent of the management of the cottage settlement or the operator, relocate the facility, make modifications and any interventions in the electricity network or other installations. 
9. In the cottage settlement, guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This regulation does not apply to electrical appliances used for personal hygiene of the guest (shaving machine, massage machine, hair dryer, etc.) 
10. Before leaving, the guest is obligated to wash and disposing the kitchen utensils that he used during the stay, shut down the faucets, turn off the bungalow, apartments and accessories, light windows, pop up electrical appliances, lock the door and key to the reception. If he does not do so, he may be charged a cleaning fee of 20 €. In the event of a key loss, a penalty of 70 € is charged to the guest. In case of damage to the inventory of a given accommodation unit, the guest will be charged for damaging the items. 
11. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to keep children under 10 years of age without adult supervision, or in bungalows or bungalows. apartment and even in the other common areas of the cottage settlement. 
12. For hygienic and safety reasons the cottage settlement can not accommodate dogs and other animals. In the event of non-compliance with this Regulation, the operator shall claim a fine of EUR 60 per night. 
13. From 22:00 to 06:00. the guest is required to observe the night room. 
14. The guest is responsible for damages caused to the property of the cottage settlement according to the applicable regulations.  
15. Host complaints and any suggestions to improve the operator's activities are accepted by the operator by telephone or in writing.
16. In case of a forgotten thing in the accommodation unit, the guest's request for finding a lost item will only be considered if the guest acknowledges the forgotten thing within 24 hours of the check-out. The Operator is not responsible for finding a forgotten thing and its recovery, respectively. recovery is excluded. Found forgotten items will be delivered to the guest only at his request and at his expense. 
17. The guest is obliged to leave the cottage in its original condition; in case of violation of this point, the customer will be excluded from the residence until the cottage has been restored, while the operator claims to charge another passage in the current price list. 

X. Transitional and final provisions

The terms and conditions will enter into force on October 1, 2017 and apply unless otherwise stated. 
The customer confirms that the entire accommodation price is known to be familiar with these general conditions and agrees to them in full. The operator is not responsible for defects during accommodation that they can not influence and which arise due to force majeure. These terms apply to both direct and third-party accommodation. The guest and the cottage operator are obliged to comply with the provisions of this order of accommodation, which is binding on both parties in their entirety. In the event that a guest violates any of the provisions of the booking order, the hostess has the right to withdraw from the temporary accommodation agreement before the agreed time and without the guest's claim for a refund.

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