Until December 23, 2018, the aquapark area is an unusual celebration and offers an interesting story of the life of Conchita, Pedra and their son Raffaelita . Stay in Elegance and watch their life story :)

Even though muchos water has flown through the water slides and muchos waves have shifted in the pools of Tatralandia from the sumptuous wedding of skeletons Seňorita Conchita and Señor Pedro, you will certainly remember the grandióso christening party of their son Raffaelito. Since then, Raffaelito has grown and is now looking forward to Fantasy School and IQ Park puzzles. Come and share the adventure with Raffaelito.

A children´s game is prepared for little muchachos. Pupils will receive a record book with stamps and marks for accomplished tasks. We play to win 4 admission tickets to Tatralandia and a €100 shopping voucher to Tatry Motion shops. We keep our fingers crossed for you!